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Отдых в Кирилловке



Арабатская стрелка



Tourism on Arabatskaya direction. September.

Tourism on Arabatskaya direction. September.

Soon it will be summer recreation season, which we call — stay on Arabatskaya arrow 2014 . Why is «soon» ? Because the summer holiday season begins with the sea since its preparation , or rather , from the planning stage . A plan a vacation in the winter we start immediately after the Christmas holidays .


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If a holiday destination can be determined later, while the rest need to plan ahead . time for rest
depends on the time of your holiday. A vacation schedule drawn up before the new year. So we can safely say — summer holiday season on Arabatskaya arrow 2014 has already begun.

Season summer holiday on the Sea of ​​Azov can be divided into the following periods : May- early June , June -July-August , late August -September (more on the weather) .

Particularly want to highlight the last period — end of August -September . If you have children who learn , and in September they need in school — for you this time is not appropriate. But if you do not limit — I strongly advise to try.

During this period, the sea is still very warm, almost swimming continues until mid-September . Of course , the weather is different , but I’m talking about average condition. There are always extremes .

Secondly, it is not hot . If you’re not carry the July heat , then September is your month .

And Arabatsky srelka and the Sea of ​​Azov in September is the same as in August . Only not so hot , and very few people on the beaches . Here you can add an abundance of cheap fruit and vegetables produced locally. And at a lower price .

Another definite plus — most resorts and lodges on Arabatskaya direction , as well as the private sector in this period provides substantial discounts on their services. And the choice of free places in boarding houses and recreation centers is much wider .

Many vacationers choose it specifically for a summer holiday in September , as a Arabatskaya direction and in Henichesk . Try it, I hope you like it.

Arabatsky arrow , September, unusually empty shore.
The sea gulls more than people.
On the shore , empty. Slides empty. September , after all.

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