Отдых в Кирилловке

Генгорка, Арабатская стрелка

Отдых в Кирилловке



Арабатская стрелка



Arabatsky arrow, Small, Schastlivtsevo, Gengorka and Henichesk.

Arabatsky arrow, Small, Schastlivtsevo, Gengorka and Henichesk.

For those who have never been on Arabatskaya direction is often quite difficult to understand these names. Although the word » was not » to Arabatskaya direction does not fit . «Do not rest on Arabatskaya arrow » will be safer . This number includes such vacationers , which brought on the bus from the railway station Novoalekseevka , and at the end of rest taken back to the station.
Besides its pension and seashore they saw nothing. But for them, we will expand the geography .

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Everything is clear , stay on the Azov Sea, Arabatskaya direction — it is certainly important, than come here for a rest . But a small excursion into the geography does not hurt. And we start with the natural map of the area.Арабатская стрелка, Стрелковое, Счастливцево, Генгорка, Геническ, Новоалексеевка, ж/д вокзал, отдых на Азовском море

If you come by rail , then you geography begins with the village. Novoalekseevka . Its main attraction — the railway station . Rather, its presence . How else would you get to Arabatskaya arrows ? Nearest railway stations — Melitopol ( north direction , 100 km), Djankoi (south , 70 km, it is the Crimea) .

Novoalekseevka profit , on which you ? Next on the list of priority and geo — Henichesk . City Henichesk . Rather , the town . Population 25,000 — 27,000 inhabitants. But the resort town . Located on the shore of the Sea of ​​Azov . More precisely — on the shore of the estuary Utlyukskogo (nevertheless , it is part of the Sea of ​​Azov ) . You can stay for a vacation Henichesk .

Henichesk this is not Arabatsky arrow . Generally Arabatsky arrow is narrow and long braid . It begins and ends in Henichesk in Crimea. Or vice versa. Arabatsky arrow is a solid bank of the Sea of ​​Azov ( on the one hand , of course) . A Gengorka , Schastlivtsevo and Small is settlements on the territory of this braid . They as well as Henichesk — spa , focused on Repose resort services for rest on the Azov Sea . Although between the towns along the shore Arabatskaya arrows are a large number of guest houses and lodges .

The first settlement on Arabatskaya arrows ( by Genichesk ) — Gengorka . Is the common abbreviation , the full name — Genichesky Gorka . But it is almost never used , even in official documents. Genichesk of 7-8 km . So what else can feel the civilization. A large number of shops, cafes , bars, and even an ATM , etc. Clean sandy shore , the sea is not as shallow as Genichesk , but not so deep as in Shooting .

Next settlement — Schastlivtsevo . 15 kilometers from Genichesk will . Immediately felt remoteness from civilization. Sea ( Sea of ​​Azov) deeper , cleaner beach , shopping less , no ATM (at the moment ) . If a vacation with meals (ie , meals are included in room rates ) — an ideal option.

And , the last town on Arabatskaya direction ( from our side ) — Small . The farthest point . And all the features come out of this . Want peace , nature, peace and tranquility — Go rest in Rifle , and even further behind. But do not complain about the lack of some creature comforts . Nature , it is the nature . So the choice is yours or the nature or civilization . But as you see , is possible and the middle option . Kind resort tandem Henichesk — Arabatsky arrow provides a variety of leisure options at sea.

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